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the WHITE HOUSE President Barack Obama

Pathways out of Poverty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

aspects of program include enrolling "harder-to-employ" individuals, and "soft skills" training


Mott Foundation

Their program is organized into four grant making areas: Improving Community Education, Expanding Economic Opportunity, Building Organized Communities, and Special Initiatives.


UN Truck
Open letter to Tony Blair from a former UN Assistant Secretary General

Dahlia S. Wasfi, M.D

I have listened to and met Dahlia Wasfi .
           She is a forceful humanist .

Fear Not The Path Of Truth: A Fallujah veteran's documentary

Operation Recovery


Inside Job Movie
Inside Job
holds your attention


you can have it . net
giving ~ dollar silence ~ open space

Move Your Money

Service Women's Action Network

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Now Featuring

The American Veterans and Servicemembers Survival Guide

We all agree that as long as Israeli society keeps sending its best people to military combat service in the occupied territories, it is extremely important that all of us, Israeli citizens, know the price which the generation who is fighting in the territories is paying, the impossible situations it is facing, the insanity it is confronting everyday, and the heavy burden it bears after being discharged from the IDF – a heavy burden that hasn’t left us.
The Lowell Sun for 1 October 2005 has an article on a serviceperson receiving help and support in owning their first home.

Veteran Hospice Homestead
- Since 1993


To provide medical, psychological and spiritual care to veterans that are diagnosed with a terminal illness, are elderly and/or disabled or otherwise in need. We provide these services without regard to race, religion or sexual orientation. All of our programs are drug and alcohol free and every effort is made to help those seeking abstinence.

a site with useful and enjoyable elements
pertaining to family photographs

Real Photo Postcard Survey
View history as art,and content .
When there is a need to talk about buttons or do business, this is who I work with.

Gettysburg Antique Center
Well Run
Reaching out to people with variety in an attractive setting.

In Rememberance
This site is intended as a place to remember and honor American service members lost in Afghanistan and Iraq .

80th Indiana Volunteer Infantry

The second-annual 80th Indiana Relatives Reunion was held on Saturday, June 7, 2003 in conjunction with the Loogootee Indiana Sesquicentennial Festival. Ninety-two men enlisted into the 80th from Loogootee, almost all of them serving in Company B. Below are the 46 relatives who assembled there to learn about, and honor, their ancestor's sacrifices during the war.

Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial

Letter to Saint Peter

Let them in, Peter, they are very tired,
Give them the couches where the angels sleep.
Let them wake whole again to new dawns fired
With sun, not war, and may their peace be deep;
Remember where the broken bodies lie...
And give them things they like. Let them make noise,
God knows how young they were to have to die!
Give swing bands, not gold harps, to these our boys.
Let them love, Peter - they had no time -
Girls as sweet as meadow wind with flowering hair...
They should have trees and bird songs, hills to climb,
The taste of summer in a ripened pear. Tell them
How they are missed. Say not to fear; it's going
to be all right with us down here.

ELMA DEAN - 1982
from East Anglia Verse edited with an introduction by Angus Wilson
Penquin Books - 1984
Originally published by Contrails a yearbook of the 100th Bomb Group
America's Oldest Irish Pub
Same Location Since 1863
Same Family Since 1847.

Northwood Magazine
Local doings , History , and more
in Northern British Columbia



The Friends of the Central Highlands Viet Nam, Inc. is of the belief that through education there is hope for a better future. Through education, the doors of opportunity can be opened for those who dare to walk through. It is also education that will allow dreams to come true and maybe, just maybe, we can affect lives in a positive and constructive way.Since our discharge from the army, we all feel that we have become different. We feel that service in the occupied territories and the incidents we faced have distorted and harmed the moral values on which we grew up.

Farms Not Arms
is an organization of farmers who want to provide work opportunities for Iraq War veterans and give rural people a voice against war.

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